Shooting 35mm Film in Hasselblad 120 Film Camera


This was an experiment I’ve always wanted to try. Trying to get the 120 film feel on the 35mm film, I found a way to load a 35mm film into a 120 paper, where I had to load both in a dark environment (I did it in my film loading bag) and tape the beginning/lead of the film just like a 120 film in the wrapping paper and roll it tight and tape the end as well. It’s basically replacing the 120 film with a smaller 35mm film but making sure it’s in the middle of the paper to ensure that the center of the frame is the one you’re seeing.

In my case I used a hasselblad 500c/m , which shooting a 6x6 square format, and that confused me a bit since basically all the shots I took where vertical not horizontal as I thought they will be. Cause it’s basically projects the picture with a 90 degree flip on the film surface, in the 6x6 case, that doesn’t matter much and I never really noticed until I did this.

The film was a fujifilm color 200 (didn’t want to waste a roll of portra :D)

Mostafa Sheshtawy